Legends specializes in organized sports photography.
We strive to provide the highest value to your players and families by offering:

Premiere Products

Our products feature excellent color quality, hi-tech photographic imaging, and eye-catching graphics. They incorporate individualized features like player's statistics, and can be customized with your league logo! Check out our products section and see.

Excellent Photography

Complimenting our products is our consistently high quality photography. We pride ourselves on creating professional quality sports images that players and family members will be eager to show off!

Tailored Programs for your Organization

Part of providing quality services is our program to tailor our products and services to your organization’s needs. Tell us what is important to you. To read more, go to our Services section.

Product Guarantee

We include a money back guarantee for all our products. Clients who are not satisfied may return products for a full refund, or if they wish, arrange to have a portrait recreated.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Everybody talks about our fast turnaround and low prices. Our main goal is to offer you the very best value. Legends' combination of specialty services and quality products, all delivered within the promised deadlines, guarantees your league receives the best!

Our Team

Our roots are firmly planted in Michigan. We have been shooting sports photography for over twenty years, starting at Sportsworld Photography. When we began doing this business, it wasn't a business – it was side work for photographers and photo hobbyists.  We took it on, and contributed many programs and innovations that set standards other photographers continue to follow.

In 2001, we joined the Legends team. Legends Sports Photography has become a nation-wide organization of sports photographers, with members in many states nationwide. Contact us for the office nearest you.

We also benefit, as do all the local Legends offices, from being part of a larger organization that combines a multitude of resources and diverse talents that continue the tradition to develop and produce better, more innovative products and services for our customers.

If you are involved with sports leagues of any kind please contact us, and we will be glad to explain how Legends can help make your sports experience more memorable. Let us put our twenty years of experience to work for your league!
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